Welcome to our blog, I guess.


If you’ve come across this blog by accident, then let us apologize now. We cuss. We’re angry. And we don’t care if you’re offended by that. In a way, it makes perfect sense that we own cats, because cats don’t give a shit either.

If you’ve come across this blog because you’re one of our friends, then we should probably apologize to you too, for the same reasons listed above. If you’re family, then we’re definitely sorry…we’re not sorry.

If you’ve come across this blog because you agree with us…that cats are INDEED dicks…then welcome! We’ve been expecting you.

Just to get some housekeeping stuff out of the way…

Suzanne is not very adept at blogging, so the person writing most of this is Catherine. But to be fair, her cats are bigger dicks than mine, so she has funnier material, and it all balances out in the end.

We (I, Catherine) will update the blog as often as possible. But since our cats are such assholes ALL THE TIME, we’ll try and limit posts to, like, once a day.


PS–We don’t care if your cats are dicks. This blog is about our cats.

That dick in the picture is one of Suzanne’s cats, Jaegar.

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