Open the door, Asshole: Part 2

So you went through the trouble of cutting a fucking hole in the laundry room door and then wasted a whole Saturday installing a cat door in the aforementioned hole. This cat doesn’t give a fuck. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to use it. I know he uses it in secret because his litter box is on the other side of that door and somehow it’s always full of cat shit. But when I’m at home….god forbid he suffer the indignity of squeezing his fat ass through the door that was specially installed just for him. Instead, he sits at the door meowing his fucking head off and staring at me like I’m guilty of some kind of reprehensible animal abuse. When I finally can’t take it anymore and approach the door, he jumps up and paws at the doorknob like I’m some kind of fucking idiot that doesn’t comprehend how doors work so he has to show me. Well asshole, if you’re so smart then just open the door yourself next time.


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