Cat people are such dicks.

Let me clarify something. Despite the fact that Catherine and I own cats who are total dicks and who behave like complete assholes, we do not hate our cats. And we definitely did not create this blog to showcase how much we hate our cats’ dickish antics. It’s actually the complete opposite. We are cat people through and through, and we love the hell out of our douchebag cats. And even though it’s usually a huge inconvenience to us, we really do enjoy the fact that they behave like assholes. Being a pretty big jerk myself, I respect the hell out of anything that just doesn’t give a fuck and does what it wants 100% of the time. If anything, I’m fucking jealous of my cats because unlike them, I don’t have the luxury of behaving like a total dick and doing whatever the fuck I want whenever I want.

However, I can and will buy a hat that makes me look like a complete asshole and then I can and will wear it while I wallow around the house and get drunk and pretend like it’s my caturday:

And because she is also a cat person who loves cat-inspired shit and who also doesn’t give a fuck if it makes her look like an asshole, Catherine will do the same:

We are such dicks.

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