Programming Note.

So you have probably noticed that Ernest, Jaegar, and Isis have been somewhat MIA for the past few weeks. You may have thought to yourself that they had just stopped being a pain in the ass and I didn’t have any material to blog about. But alas, you are mistaken….cats are always dicks and they are always a pain in the ass to live with, but mine have been a pain of a different sort lately. For the past few weeks, Isis and Jaegar have been sick with various illnesses and I couldn’t bring myself to blog when I was constantly worried about them (stupid cats….making me worry). First Jaegar had like this thing with his eye, and there was junk running out of it and then it swelled shut; at the same time, Isis had some kind of ear infection. I took them both to the vet, where they both picked up some kind of awful cold. Jaegar had it first and then Isis caught it (and still has it); I took her back to the vet this week and she is on the mend….except for the constant sneezing and cat snot everywhere. But since it looks like they are going to make it, I can take up blogging about all the shit they do again. Like this, for example:

It looks sweet, but she literally sneezed into my mouth right after this. And then started purring. It feels good to be getting back to normal.

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