The Hunger Games would be cooler if it was about cats.

It’s no secret that people are losing their shit over The Hunger Games premiering. Suzanne and I were discussing this yesterday and how we don’t understand it because the books are stupid.

Then, I stumbled upon this little gem:


The Hunger Games would be so much cooler if, instead of starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, it starred cats in knits.

BRB Going to Narnia

Actually, I’m just going to sleep in here and get hair all over your waffle iron until you get home and feed me. Have a great day at work!


SXSW recap.

So, I didn’t get out of bed this weekend. Blame the time change. Blame my ability to hibernate. Blame the amount of weirdos in town for SXSW…do whatever you need to do.

If I didn’t get out of bed, you can just about bet my assholes of cats saw no reason to get out of bed either, even though there was plenty of laundry to do. I was reminded that I don’t live in a Disney movie and these animals are not my servants and they basically serve me no actual purpose…except for blog content. Here’s my SXSW recap in photos.





Browning had had enough by Sunday morning and sat on my chest until I moved.


Excited for SXSW 2013.


This asshole.

So I drag my ass out of bed this morning because it’s been a long week and it’s too damn early for my liking.

After getting dressed and attempting to make myself look presentable enough to not get fired, I begrudgingly walk out of my bathroom and this asshole hits me in the face:


Don’t worry. I’ll go to work. You stay in bed. We’ll call it even.