Won’t you be my neighbor?

I don’t even know where to start this blog.

I guess I can start with Noah being stupid enough to rescue a male and female cat and make sure they were on the ark before that big earthly flood thing happened, therefore allowing them to reproduce for the rest of eternity.

Fast forward a couple thousand years, and cats still think they can be dicks to everything around them. I only assumed that the dickish cat behavior I’m exposed to on a daily basis would come from my two cats. Wrong.

I step out my door this morning, and this little treasure is waiting for me.


I’m a lady, so I put a troll face over it. But what’s under that troll face was a cute little pile of cat crap. Not only was this land mine put on my welcome mat, it was also put on the side where I step first. So, because I, myself, have cat-like reflexes I was able to dodge it. I get to the bottom of my stairs, AND THIS STRAY CAT HAS THE GALL TO BE SITTING IN A BUSH WATCHING ME, hoping with all his tiny cat might that I would step in it. Well, I didn’t, you stray asshole.

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