Taunting: 101. You’re doing it right.

Browning hates dogs. No self-respecting cat would tolerate a dog. Except Quigley, and that’s only because he’s confused and thinks he’s a puppy most of the time.

So, what happens when we put the puppy in her kennel to eat, free from Browning? This:


Never. Alone.

Cats are always watching. And then there’s always a cat watching that cat that’s watching you.


Thanks for warming up your spot for me.

Dogs are polite enough to curl up at your feet, or even sleep on the floor.

Cats don’t sleep on the floor. Cats sleep in your bed. And they don’t just sleep in your bed, they sleep in your spot. And they don’t just sleep in your spot, they take up just enough space to let you think you can fit in your spot. But you can’t.