Cats will go to the ends of the earth to prove a point.

Cats hate being in cages. Believe me, I’ve tried to kennel them to take them to the vet. I’ve tried to kennel them to go on road trips. You know what I get? Cats meowing, cats throwing up, cats shitting on themselves and each other.

So, imagine how surprised I was yesterday when my sister sent me this picture of my mother’s cat willingly laying in a kennel. All to prove a point, that cats are superior and dogs are stupid.


Buying New Bedding.

I bought new bedding yesterday and you can safely assume these douchebags were up to their normal cat shenanigans.

Quigley promptly made a bed out of the box. And then started scratching in it like it was a litter box. I removed him before he decided to shit in it.


Browning waited until I was completely finished making my bed to mock me.


That yawn says, “Guess where I’ll be all day tomorrow while you’re at work?”