No one panic, but this is a new blog post.

I’ll admit it: Suzanne and I are basically the worst (Suzanne is worse than I am, but we both suck).

And that includes other things besides trying to run this blog. It also includes things like, having the ability to bite our tongues when we don’t have anything nice to say. But, we’re really good at some stuff also; like sarcasm, working Mean Girls quotes in to daily conversations at least once, and not having the ability to bite our tongues when we don’t have anything nice to say (America, you’re welcome).

So, recently I found a new show to be obsessed with (something I’m also really good at). You might’ve heard about it–it’s called Scandal, and HOLY SHIT, is it amazing. But see, this creates a problem because I can’t just spend hours upon hours in my bed undisturbed watching Scandal on my laptop (…yes, I had to buy season 2). Wanna know why? BECAUSE CATS. THAT’S WHY.

This is how it typically goes down. I get into bed. Prop my laptop up on a pillow. Get comfortable. Then Browning decides he wants cuddles. And that doesn’t mean he just lays down and sleeps. That means that he has to do a few laps up and around my head, stepping on my face and pulling some of my hair out in the process. That means that he kneads my stomach and boobs a few times. Then it means that he’s going to try and sleep on my laptop because it’s made of warm. Once he realizes laptop-sleeping isn’t an option, he strategically stands between my face and the laptop, obviously obstructing my view, just staring at me. Then he finally lays down, and this may or may not include him accidentally tapping the space bar, escape key, or the trackpad, somehow interfering with my show. THEN BROWNING DECIDES HE DOESN’T WANT CUDDLES and dives off the bed like a Kamikaze pilot, only to return 15 minutes later to repeat the process all over again. Is this what having kids is like?

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