Adventures in Catsitting: Pixie Bob

This blog post is best illustrated with photos, but I will say this and then I will leave you with pictures.

From the little cutesy name, you might think this cat has tiny magical iridescent wings and sheds glitter all over the floor.

But the reality is, pixie bobs are like, half bob cats, half regular cats, which means they’re like 150% cat. Which if I’m doing my math correctly, that’s like a 5000% increase in the cat shenanigans they’ll pull. And also, most are polydactyl, meaning THEY LITERALLY HAVE MORE THUMBS (?) TO SLAP YOU WITH.

I show up, and eerily enough, this song is playing. Okay.


And, although it’s 10 am, she’s had a full day of ruining things.


This is actually during my attempt at sweeping. I had to hold her because she kept playing with the broom, flinging soil all over the house.


I decide to take a break on the balcony. Alone. Outside. She finds me…


And yells at me relentlessly until I give up and go back inside.


She decides it’s nap time. Awwww.


JUST KIDDING! Must finish the planet off.


3 Replies to “Adventures in Catsitting: Pixie Bob”

  1. Hilarious, once again. I just can’t imagine who on Earth would ask you to kittysit a cat like that?!?!? teeheee
    I can’t stop laughing!! You really should write for Hollywood!

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