Adventures in camping

So my sister is one of those people who believes her dog is a human. As such, in preparation for a camping trip we’re going to take, naturally we needed to buy the dog’s tent first.


Within 5 minutes, dog jumps out of the tent and resumes her post on the couch. And then this happens:


What are you doing in there? You would HATE camping.

Things I Say to My Cats

Any good cat lady will talk to her cats and the following list is comprised of things you could catch me saying to my cats on a daily basis:

–“Get off that.”
–“Get down from there.”
–“Quit looking at me like that.”
–“What are you staring at?”
–“Yes, I’m actually going to wear this.”
–“Quit judging me.”
–“Shut up.”
–“Quit yelling.”
–“Knock it off.”
–“Are you f*cking kidding me with that?”
–“You couldn’t manage to puke on the carpet?”


Things that go bump in the night.

It’s November and therefore it’s getting cooler outside. Science.

Also science is outside animals seeking a warmer place to stay, which happens to be indoors. Science is currently taking place between my bedroom wall that is shared with the kitchen and there is an entire family of somethings inside that wall trying to find things made of warm. Which means, that this idiot is losing his damn mind trying to find whatever it is:
And it’s like, okay fine, glad you finally got tired of me yelling GET A JOB at you and you’re finally doing SOMETHING.

But, what in the hell are you going to do once you find the creature? Will you kill it? Will it kill you? Will you injure the poor thing just enough so it’s begging you to put it out of its misery? And where do you plan on torturing your prey? On my bed? You’ve never hunted a day in your damn life, as evidenced by this:


National Cat Day is Not About the Cats

Humans and the Internet alike lost their damn minds yesterday because it was National Cat Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for kitten delivery (someone send me some kittens). However, what humans and the Internet did NOT realize is that, every damn day is National Cat Day because CATS ARE SUCH DICKS.

Here’s a brief history about the creation of National Cat Day:

  • Fact: National Cat Day was not created by humans. It was created by cats.
  • Fact: National Cat Day is not about recognizing the magical creature that is the cat.
  • Fact: National Cat Day was created by cats for the sake of making humans look completely stupid for one entire day a year and to win all of the Internets.

Adventures in Catsitting: Pixie Bob

This blog post is best illustrated with photos, but I will say this and then I will leave you with pictures.

From the little cutesy name, you might think this cat has tiny magical iridescent wings and sheds glitter all over the floor.

But the reality is, pixie bobs are like, half bob cats, half regular cats, which means they’re like 150% cat. Which if I’m doing my math correctly, that’s like a 5000% increase in the cat shenanigans they’ll pull. And also, most are polydactyl, meaning THEY LITERALLY HAVE MORE THUMBS (?) TO SLAP YOU WITH.

I show up, and eerily enough, this song is playing. Okay.


And, although it’s 10 am, she’s had a full day of ruining things.


This is actually during my attempt at sweeping. I had to hold her because she kept playing with the broom, flinging soil all over the house.


I decide to take a break on the balcony. Alone. Outside. She finds me…


And yells at me relentlessly until I give up and go back inside.


She decides it’s nap time. Awwww.


JUST KIDDING! Must finish the planet off.


A Day in the Life of Trixie

Trixie is one of my mother’s cats, and this cat is notorious for doing some of the dumbest shit and being caught in the dumbest locations. Let’s follow Trixie on a typical day in her life.

Step 1:

Wake up around noon. Rub cute cat face. Repeat as needed.


Step 2: 

Start day by locating the most difficult place in the house to sit. Struggle to get up there.


Step 3: 

When you’ve achieved this first goal, yell loudly about it until someone notices what you’ve done and gives you treats.


Step 4:

Find the warmest place in the house and take a nap. You’ve had a fairly full day already. Treat yo’self.


Step 5: 

After you’ve napped in the warmest place, you should also take a nap in the darkest place. Pro-tip: If these places happen to be the same location, nap twice.


Step 6: 

Nap time(s) is over! Time for play. Find a nice cabinet to get stuck in. Pro-tip: It really scares the humans when you disappear and they think you’ve gone between the wall and the cabinets, so do that if possible.


Step 7: 

Once you’ve been ripped from the cabinets and your playtime is over, lay in dramatic fashion on the kitchen floor. The humans will think something is wrong with you and you’ll get noms from them. If they don’t give you noms, you’re strategically placed to catch all the falling noms.


Step 8:

It’s bedtime now. But instead of sleeping in your room, go under the couch. Tear up the lining underneath it, and hide there until the human goes to sleep. Then watch for the next 45 minutes as the human yells your name and shakes cans of food for you. Finally give in when she says “Trixie, you want some treats?”


Cats Will Kill You. And They’ll Look Really Cute Doing It.

I won’t even waste your time with apologies and promises of more blog posts.

So, last week I thought I cracked my sternum while driving (short version of the story). Basically, all you need to know is that I’ve been in excruciating pain since then. I can’t breathe. I can’t really use my arms. Moving and living, in general, has been exhausting over the last week.

Monday morning, I woke up to this.



That’s Browning. Perfectly placed so that he adds to the already-crushing-feeling I’m experiencing in my chest. But OMG, LOOK AT THAT FACE. He looked so cute, I didn’t have the heart to move him. So, I let him lay there for as long as he wanted, as he crushed my chest, and I even took a few pictures of how ridiculous this was. Cats will kill you, and you’re going to watch them do it.