Adventures in camping

So my sister is one of those people who believes her dog is a human. As such, in preparation for a camping trip we’re going to take, naturally we needed to buy the dog’s tent first.


Within 5 minutes, dog jumps out of the tent and resumes her post on the couch. And then this happens:


What are you doing in there? You would HATE camping.

Things I Say to My Cats

Any good cat lady will talk to her cats and the following list is comprised of things you could catch me saying to my cats on a daily basis:

–“Get off that.”
–“Get down from there.”
–“Quit looking at me like that.”
–“What are you staring at?”
–“Yes, I’m actually going to wear this.”
–“Quit judging me.”
–“Shut up.”
–“Quit yelling.”
–“Knock it off.”
–“Are you f*cking kidding me with that?”
–“You couldn’t manage to puke on the carpet?”