Nightmare Fuel

Some people look into their pet’s eyes and see human qualities…love, compassion, empathy, understanding…. I’m specifically talking about dog people of course because cats experience none of these emotions.

I do see certain things when I look into my cats’ eyes though….with Jaegar, I see a half bored interest in food and with Isis, I see hatred tempered by a mild surprise/disappointment that I’m not dead yet.

But with Ernest….with Ernest, I see things that can be neither understood nor forgotten. It can best be described as looking into “The Nothing” from my favorite acid trip of a movie from childhood, ‘The NeverEnding Story’. “The Nothing” is a void of darkness that consumes everything…and that, my friends, is what lurks beneath these hardened eyes:




So there’s a nice little dose of fuel for your nightmares tonight. Goodnight, dear readers!

Relax a little, asshole.

I always yell at my cats when I get home from work because by this point, I’ve worked for 8 or 9 hours, most likely skipped my lunch break, and sat in rush hour traffic for two hours. Chances are I’m pretty angry and the last thing I want to see are these assholes getting out of MY bed at 6:30 PM. As if to say, “I don’t give a shit that you work and pay our rent. We get to sleep all day. In your bed.”

So every day when I see these assholes run from my room to the kitchen to greet me, they’re met with one of these: “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO ALL DAY, ASSHOLE?”

Most of the time, they won’t even greet me. I have to go find THEM, and this is usually what I find.


Or this.